Storm Kings Thunder

Session 10 2017-02-15


Upon arriving at the city of Waterdeep, the party first visited the family home of Zi Liang from Goldenfields and delivered her amulet. The butler presented them with Zi’s inheritance, a pair of potions. They then met with Chazlauth Yarghorn, as urged by Naxene Drathkala, and discussed Naxene’s plan to enlist the aid of good aligned dragons to fight the giants. Chazlauth said this was a terrible idea, but that enlisting the aid of evil dragons could actually work. He suggested they seek out “Old Gnaw-Bone” in the Kryptgarden Forest as she was rumored to have a collection of crystal balls and other scrying devices which she uses to keep abreast of doings in the world. Shortly after this meeting, they were approached by a representative of Acquisitions, INC. who wanted to hire them to infiltrate a cloud giant castle headed for Waterdeep. The castle was under the control of Olthanas, the son of Count Stratovan, a notorious cloud giant that was apparently mounting an attack on the swordcoast near the city of Neverwinter. Acquisitions, INC recieved word from Olthanas’s Majordomo, Balkamar, that Olthanas was seeking peace with the small folk and Acquisitions, INC. wanted the party to infiltrate the castle and meet with Olthanas to determine his intentions. The party entered the flying castle by jumping from a gnome dirigible and then using a token to cast feather fall on themselves when they neared an outside castle garden.

XP Awarded: 200
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime Days: 5



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