Storm Kings Thunder

Session 12 2017-03-08

Cloud Giants Bargain

Explored the rest of the castle. Fought a Helmed Horror and Rug of smothering. Spotted a white dragon lairing in one of the towers on the largest island and determined it was probably Olthanas’s pet. Found a magic ring in the map room along with more evidence of Majordomo Balakar’s duplicity. Headed to the main island and the audience chamber. Presented evidence of Balakar’s treachery at which point she activated a magical choker on Olthana’s neck which started to kill him, called the dragon to aid her, and attacked. Some party members worked on freeing Olthanas from the necklace while the rest fought Balakar. When the dragon showed up, it looked confused as Olthanas pleaded with it the best he could. Marco communicated with the dragon via his psuedodragon’s telepathic link and convinced it to turn on Majordomo Balakar. With the fall of the Majordomo, the necklace strangling Olthanas fell away from his neck.

XP Awarded: 5000
Gold Awarded: 232GP 55SP
Downtime Days: 0



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