Storm Kings Thunder

Session 16 2017-04-12


While in Triboar asking about for news about Harshnag, they overheard a pair of farmer brothers trying to convince the local Lord Protector that their brother, missing for 10 years, was still in town. A traveling priest of Helm used a divination spell to tell them this. Fargrim the paladin investigated and discovered the man’s skeleton in the attic of his wife’s boarding house. The wife was taken into custody and the brothers gave the party their brothers heirloom, a magical longbow. They made plans to head towards the Evermoor where a woodland scout mentioned having seen Harshnag some time ago. Before they could leave however, the town was suddenly attacked by a pair of Fire Giants leading a group of Orcs, Orogs, and Magmin.

XP Awarded: 0
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime Days: 5



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