Storm Kings Thunder

Session 18 2017-04-26


The party attempted to parlay with the Fire giants, and learned that they were there under the orders of someone named Duke Zalto. Although the giants seemed like they were just willing to take the object they were digging up and leave, the party didn’t trust them and decided to attack. Kriv the sorceror was hit by a flying boulder and knocked unconsious…twice. The druid summoned lightning from the sky while the Orcs harried the party with hit and run attacks on their axe beaks. The party proved too much, however, and the the giants attempted to retreat. Kriv’s hypnotic pattern caused the male giant to stop up short a couple of times, but the female smacked him out of it and the attempted to flee. They weren’t fast enough, however, and the female fell while the male voiced vengeance against the party before fleeing without his prize. It was discovered that the giants were digging up what looked like a huge, 1,000 pound piece of adamantine…a piece of some sort of of giant magical construct.

XP Awarded: 1767
Gold Awarded: 851GP 33SP
Downtime Days: 5



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