Storm Kings Thunder

Session 20 2017-05-10

The Road to Noanar Hold

The party continued their travels toward Noanar Hold. They traveled briefly through Yartar and on the first evening past that, they encountered a traveling halfling who asked to share their campsite for the evening and cooked them a dinner of rabbits. Although the party was suspicious, they agreed and he told them about old dark rumors surrounding the hunt lords of Noanar Hold. He left the next morning and as he winked at Aria, she noticed his eyes very quickly change to a sort of reptilian look. Later that day the cart hit a large pothole in the road and shattered the wheel. They dragged it off to the side and camped. During the night they heard something huge briefly fly over. The next morning, Felgelos the Flying Misfortune appeared, carrying a captured Zhentarim wagon to replace the broken one. He then shapechanged into the halfling from the night before and thanked them for their hospitality before flying off again. They reached the village of Calling Horns. While staying in the Inn, the party was awakened by a pair of trolls trying to break into the stables to eat the horses. They sprang into action and quickly dispatched them.

XP Awarded: 450
Gold Awarded: 31
Downtime Days: 5



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