Storm Kings Thunder

Session 21 2017-05-17

Calling Horns

The Inn keeper at Calling Horns told them that troll attacks in town have become much more frequent of late. She offers the party a letter of recommendation if they party would travel into the Evermoors to see if they could find out why. They agreed and headed out. A string of mysterious circumstances led up to a night time encounter with a large, misshapen creature that turned out to be an illusion created by a Faerie Dragon playing tricks on them. After talking briefly with the strange creature, he directed them towards some recent troll activity. When they investigated the next day, they discovered a Fire Giantess slapping around a troll, angry that it hadn’t found her any food. The party attacked and slew both creatures and surmised that giant incursions into the evermoors were driving the Trolls south towards Calling Horn to avoid being enslaved.

XP Awarded: 971
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime Days: 5



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