Storm Kings Thunder

Session 24 2017-06-07


The party spent some time further investigating the Margaster family. They contacted the Harpers and asked them to look in to the matter. although they mostly found the same rumors, a harper agent also witnessed items being purchased by a Margaster representative that were commonly used in Arcane rituals to summon beings from the lower planes. Deciding that sinister things were afoot, they decided to raid the carriage house and make off with the cache of items Orthovir had described. Under the cover of darkness, they stole into the Margaster compound, dispelled the Arcane Lock and made their way into the carriage house. when they opened the door to the carriage, however, an Alarm spell was tripped which summoned the guards from their upstairs quarters. Combat ensued and the guards revealed themselves to be fiendish Cambions! Meanwhile, the alarm spell had also summoned the Margaster matriarch, an accomplished wizard by the name of Xamlyn Margaster. Maela Thorn, positioned on the roof of the carriage house, began peppering her with arrows, until Xamlyn put a wall of force in between them to block her attacks. The cambions proved to be difficult to bring down, but the party managed before rushing out the face the newly arrived wizard. A cone of cold killed the two newest party members, but the wizard was ultimately defeated.

XP Awarded: 1,229
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime: 5
Magic Items: Eyes of Minute Seeing, Quaal’s Feather token (tree), Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Spell Scroll (Mass Healing Word)



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