Storm Kings Thunder

Session 27 6-28-2017

Xantharl's Keep

The party gauged the Stone Giants and ultimately decided that they were too much of a match for them. They tried determining what they were up, but they were not in the mood for conversation, hurling stones at the party if they persisted. They hid out for a bit and investigated the area after the Giants had left. They discovered that, had they not seen the farm house being dismantled, they would not have known it even existed. The Giants had completely scoured all evidence of it from the earth. That evening, they were visited by a very strange Stone Giant. He was covered in stone protrusions that looked like small animals and even a halfling on is back. He seemed dazed and not entirely cognizant of what was around him. He spoke of the wandering the dream and about his brothers seeking to return the dream to what it once was. He also seemed very interested in the dragon born Druid and mentioned adding her to his “collection” of stone entities stuck to his body. However, he was distracted by something else and ultimately wandered off. the party arrived in Xantharl’s Keep the next day, but before they could track down the wanted criminal they were searching for, the keep was attacked by a frost giant leading a small army of goblinoids. It quickly became apparent that the attack was a distraction to allow a group of bugbears to sneak into the keep and attempt to apprehend the dwarves bandit known as the Weevil. The party thwarted them, and captured the Weevil themselves. The keeps defenders managed to turn back the goblinoids and the frost giant escaped once his plan was thwarted.

XP Awarded: 651
Gold Awarded: 0



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