Storm Kings Thunder

Session 28 2017-07-12

The Road to Mirabar

The party headed north to Mirabar to turn The Weevil over to the authorities and collect the bounty. On the way, they were ambushed by the frost giant that had attacked Xantharls Keep, along with two more giants and half a dozen goblin archers. They were sorely pressed, with one of the druids down and the warlock close to it when suddenly a roaring frost giant in full plate and a white dragon helm came charging over the hill swinging a huge great axe and plowing into the attacking giants. With this new found help, the party rallied and managed to defeat the ambushers. The party’s suspicions were confirmed when the armored giant introduced himself as Harshnag the Grim, the very frost giant they had been searching the north for. They completed their trip to Mirabar, collected their reward, and are now preparing for the journey north into the snow and ice swept Spine of the World. Harshnag has offered to lead the party to the Temple of the All Father, rumored to house the Eye of Annam…an oracle from which one can seek wisdom from the All Father himself.

XP Gained: 2000
Gold Awarded: 950/ea
Magic Items: +1 Handaxe (x2), Potion of Fire Giant Strength



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