Storm Kings Thunder

Session 3 2016-12-28

The Dripping Caves

The party discovered some guards left in the nearly ruined keep. They learned from them that the village was attacked by giants from a floating cloud castle. They bombarded the village with boulders before descending and taking the large, obsidian stone from the center of town that is the village’s namesake. They mentioned that the villagers had most likely fled to a cave system north of the village, and tracks headed that direction confirmed this.

The caves turned out to be recently inhabited by a tribe of goblins allied with a pair of ogres. The party fought and killed the ogres plus a few goblins before encountering a goblin looking to make a deal. She offered to free the captured villagers if they would kill goblin’s leader, Boss Hark so she could become the leader. they did so, and she made good on her promise to free the villagers.

Upon return to the village, they found a wagon of building supplies outside the gates that had apprently been dropped off by Felgelos. the party also undertook a quest to return the tressym to the son of it’s owners, who lived in the walled farm abbey of Goldenfields.

XP Awarded: 1800
Gold Awarded: ?
Downtime Days: 5



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