Storm Kings Thunder

Session 32 2017-08-09

The Eye of Annam

The party explored the crack that the spiders came out of and found the creature’s larder. Surprisingly, they found an Uthgardt woman barely clinging to life. they revived her and although she obviously mistrusted them, she didn’t immediately attack. She grabbed a mining pick from another spider victim and slowly edged out of the room and disappeared. continuing to explore, they found a queen spider and dispatched it. Not having located the Oracle, they went back out to the sloped hallway and headed towards the end of it. That was when walls of stone suddenly appeared in the door ways of every side room and a gigantic boulder began rolling down the sloped hallway. The party ran for their lives, but the floor was slick with ice and they started slipping. Harshnag heroically managed to catch the boulder and started sliding down along with it, slowing it somewhat. Akari turned into a horse and started galloping down the hall as Knox jumped on to her back. Evrick bravefully morphed into a giant ape and attempted to assist Harshnag, but they both ended up going under the boulder. They survived, but were hurt. Carlin the gnome barely made it out of the hallway before the huge boulder was caught at the far end by a suddenly animating stone giant statue. The statue pushed the boulder back up the hall and into the far wall. The party returned to the main temple and began contemplating the mist filled arch. They eventually had Harshnag take the stone axe from the frost giant statue and use it to touch the frost rune. The arch way flashed white and they could suddenly see a room on the far side. They had finally found the Oracle.

Upon entering, they found six statues of giants holding lit lanterns. In the middle of a rune inscribed circle was the corpse of a cloud giant. When they approached, the ghost of the cloud giant appeared and greeted them. He told them that this room was the Eye of Annam, and that their questions would be answered. Each question would cause one of the lanterns to go out, and once they all went out, no more questions would be answered. However, the lanterns relight at dawn.

The party spent a couple of days asking questions and learned that the rampaging giants were not being brought to heel by the storm giants because King Hekaton had gone missing and even the divine oracle could not see where he was. The oracle also revealed that he was betrayed by two of his daughters, who covet his throne. The Oracle said that to find King Hekaton, the party must obtain a Conch of Teleportation, which would allow them to reach King Hekaton’s court in Maelstrom, and to root out the evil therein. The conchs are held by one of 6 scheming giant lords, and when the party asked where they could be found, it decreed that first they must retrieve giant artifiacts stolen by the Uthgardt barbarians and bring them back to the temple. Then, the path forward would be made clear.

Harshnag drew a rough map of the locations of various Uthgardt spirit mounds, where the Oracle said the giant relics had been buried, then announced he would stay and guard the temple. As the party stepped out of the temple, they discovered a large airship slowly descending towards the ridge where they stood and dropping a rope ladder. They climbed aboard and discovered a group of people dressed in dark robes and stylized dragon masks. They announced that Klauth, the great red wyrm of the north, had sent them as a gift to speed their travels and aid the party in their quest against the giants. Although they were leery about working with obvious Cult of the Dragon members, they decided that their desire to follow Klauth’s orders was greater than their desire to betray them and accepted their offer.



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