Storm Kings Thunder

Session 35 2017-09-06

The Search for the Relics

The cultists flew the airship from Morgur’s Mound towards Shining White, the mound of the Griffon Tribe. When they arrived, they found the menhir’s surrounding the mound toppled and the central, marble altar pulverized. A quick search the area revealed stone giant foot prints and evidence that the destruction had occurred only a few days before. They searched the altar area and found a broken cloud giant mask buried underneath the rubble. They loaded it aboard the ship and left towards Flint Rock, the ancestral mound of the Elk Tribe.

When they arrived, they found no guardians other than a pair of massive elk quietly grazing on moss. They quickly located a mithril spear tip buried under the altar with faint traces of residual magic. They left the elk to their grazing (killing elk at the mound of the Elk Tribe would probably be a bad idea) and set sail for Grandfather Tree, deep in the High Forest.

They arrived in a large clearing with a gigantic oak tree towering over the forest canopy. A group of centaurs were there, but had had a run in with a curse and weren’t spoiling for a fight. They had come to take advantage of Grandfather Tree’s restorative powers. When the party approached the tree, however, dryads stepped out of the surrounding oak trees and demanded that they leave at once. Evrick the Warlock managed to convince them that they meant no harm and persuaded them to allow the party to search among the roots of the tree where they found a giant sized torc made of electrum. They removed the torc and, thanking the dryads, left in peace.

The ship started steering a course north for Stone Stand, ancestral mound of the Blue Bear tribe, thought to be long extinct. The ship encountered a thunderstorm on the way, and travel was slowed by driving rain and dangerous lightning. They were surprised by a young green dragon that attacked from the cover of the clouds and strafed the deck of the ship with it’s poison gas breath. It began a series of hit and run attacks, using it’s breath weapon and then hiding underneath or above the ship to prevent ranged attacks. The party managed to hit it anyway with some magics and then the dragon foolishly flew alongside the ship where Klark and Knox managed to bring it down before it could bank away. Half of the dragon culstist crew, however, were not so lucky and perished in the attack. After resting up and recovering fromt he dragon attack, they arrived at Stone Stand.

The main altar area was built around an impressive oak tree, which happened to be a cutting from Grandfather Tree. When they approached the tree, a ghostly specter of an Uthgardt chieftain came howling out of the tree and attacked. The managed to put it down, but soon after a second one appeared and attempted to possess Knox. the party began frantically digging and searching for the giant relic as two more chieftains made an appearance, attempting to possess them. they eventually found a skull of a giant and when they removed it from under the tree, the ghostly chieftains reappeared, but instead of attacking, dissipated in a flash of bright light…their souls finally freed. the party loaded the skull on to the ship and prepared to head north, towards One Stone.



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