Storm Kings Thunder

Session 8 2017-02-01


After Liferlas charged the invading force, the party was forced into combat to save the children of Goldenfields. Strog Thunderblade led a force outside the walls to engage the main force while the party fought alongside the enraged tree. They managed to win the day and end the threat to Goldenfields. A feast was held in the parties honor and many of the residents imparted gifts of information as a way of thanks. One of the people they fought alongside felt that the giant attacks were just beginning. She implored the party to travel to the city of Waterdeep and seek out a wizardly colleague of hers who was an expert on dragons. She felt that the dragons, ancient enemies of the giants, could be enlisted in the fight against them.

XP awarded: 963
Gold awarded: 114GP
Downtime Days: 5



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