Storm Kings Thunder

Session 30 2017-7-26
Temple of the All Father

The party spotted a small campfire near the entrance of the temple so Akari, in the form of a small mouse, scampered down across the stone bridge to scout. She saw what appeared to be a pair of Uthgardt barbarians huddled around a campfire while a small white dragon snoozed nearby. After reporting this, the rest of the party decided to confront them directly and marched across the snow covered bridge. They were quickly spotted and the barbarians sent the dragon further into the temple while taking up positions in front of the entrance. Once the group closed close enough to speak, the barbarians told them to leave or die. Expectedly, this offer didn’t go down well and a fight errupted. the two barbarians didn’t fare too well and the party headed into the large tunnel that opened into the side of the mountain. Part way in, they heard the dragon screech…which turned out to be a signal as large stone blocks began to fall from the ceiling, closing off the tunnel in two places and seperating the party. Most of the group ran forward, deeper into the tunnel, but Klark ended up trapped between the blocks with Harshnag while Carlin ended up outside all together, having run backward. The ones in front took a minute while the warlock summoned a fire elemental then marched forward towards some pinpricks of torch lights in the distance. They soon discovered a group of Uthgardt barbarians that appeared to be trying to force open a massive, giant sized door at the end of the tunnel. A larger, more richly dressed barbarian declared that he was the chief of the Great Worm tribe and ordered his warriors to attack. The fight was brutal, but ultimately the party won out. Meanwhile, their dwarven companion found the mechanisms that lifted the stone blocks and now the party has assembled before the massive inner doors of the Temple of the All Father….within which, according to legend, resides the oracle known as the Eye of Annam.

XP Awarded: 675
Gold Awarded: 133 GP 3 SP
Magic Items awarded: Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location

Session 29 2017-7-19
Journey into the Spine of the World

After securing additional supplies at Mirabar, the party met with Harshnag and began the arduous journey into the Spine of the World mountains to the Temple of the All Father. As the climbed higher into the mountainous terrain, the weather became colder and colder. Harshnag strode unconcerned through the snow and Carlin, protected by her ring, was equally unaffected. The rest of the group huddled into their furs, or in the case of Akari’s tressym, buried itself into the furs of others, despite it’s nifty new sweater. On the second day, the weather turned ominous and the mountainsides started being battered by a full blizzard. The party desperately began searching for shelter from the fury of the storm, eventually locating a cave. They quickly learned that the cave was already occupied by a pair of huge, white furred bears and their cubs. The bears moved to defend their cubs and den, but the ranger and druid, with some help from the warlock’s psuedodragon, managed to calm the beasts and impart that they weren’t a threat. After waiting out the storm in the bear den, they journeyed on. Harshnag led them into a ravine passage through the mountains where they were ambushed by a party of goblins who threw enchanted icicles at them. they were also in league with a pair of gargoyles who breathed clouds of sand down on them, stinging their eyes. They managed to beat back the attackers despite the disadvantage of being in the ravine but as the last gargoyle creature was dying, it’s eyes suddenly flashed a glowing blue and a voice issued from it’s throat that definitely didn’t belong to the creature, proclaiming in loud, gravelly tones “I see you puny ones! We shall meet soon and all your plans will be for NAUGHT!”

Shaken but undettered, the party continued on through the ravine, eventually emerging on a the edge of a sheer cliff with a natural stone bridge leading a giant sized edifice on the other side. they had reached the Temple of the All Father.

XP Awarded: 500
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime Days: 5

Session 28 2017-07-12
The Road to Mirabar

The party headed north to Mirabar to turn The Weevil over to the authorities and collect the bounty. On the way, they were ambushed by the frost giant that had attacked Xantharls Keep, along with two more giants and half a dozen goblin archers. They were sorely pressed, with one of the druids down and the warlock close to it when suddenly a roaring frost giant in full plate and a white dragon helm came charging over the hill swinging a huge great axe and plowing into the attacking giants. With this new found help, the party rallied and managed to defeat the ambushers. The party’s suspicions were confirmed when the armored giant introduced himself as Harshnag the Grim, the very frost giant they had been searching the north for. They completed their trip to Mirabar, collected their reward, and are now preparing for the journey north into the snow and ice swept Spine of the World. Harshnag has offered to lead the party to the Temple of the All Father, rumored to house the Eye of Annam…an oracle from which one can seek wisdom from the All Father himself.

XP Gained: 2000
Gold Awarded: 950/ea
Magic Items: +1 Handaxe (x2), Potion of Fire Giant Strength

Session 27 6-28-2017
Xantharl's Keep

The party gauged the Stone Giants and ultimately decided that they were too much of a match for them. They tried determining what they were up, but they were not in the mood for conversation, hurling stones at the party if they persisted. They hid out for a bit and investigated the area after the Giants had left. They discovered that, had they not seen the farm house being dismantled, they would not have known it even existed. The Giants had completely scoured all evidence of it from the earth. That evening, they were visited by a very strange Stone Giant. He was covered in stone protrusions that looked like small animals and even a halfling on is back. He seemed dazed and not entirely cognizant of what was around him. He spoke of the wandering the dream and about his brothers seeking to return the dream to what it once was. He also seemed very interested in the dragon born Druid and mentioned adding her to his “collection” of stone entities stuck to his body. However, he was distracted by something else and ultimately wandered off. the party arrived in Xantharl’s Keep the next day, but before they could track down the wanted criminal they were searching for, the keep was attacked by a frost giant leading a small army of goblinoids. It quickly became apparent that the attack was a distraction to allow a group of bugbears to sneak into the keep and attempt to apprehend the dwarves bandit known as the Weevil. The party thwarted them, and captured the Weevil themselves. The keeps defenders managed to turn back the goblinoids and the frost giant escaped once his plan was thwarted.

XP Awarded: 651
Gold Awarded: 0

Session 26 2017-06-21
One Night in Yartar

After arriving in Yartar, the party began searching for Harthal Zymorven. The soon learned that their best bet was to make contact with the local all female thieves guild, the Hand of Yartar to find him. They bribed a server at the Wink and Kiss tavern and were directed to a pair of women at a table in the corner. After negotiating with them and presenting their letter of recommendation from Tamalin Zoar of Calling Horns, they agreed to locate Harthal for them. She told them to meet her later that evening on the Grande Dame, a lavish riverboat casino. Dressed in their finest, the party boarded the ship and spent the evening dining and playing at the gaming tables before meeting with the Hand of Yartar contact. She told them that Harthal was in prison for murdering someone, and that his axe had fallen into the hands of a corrupt, and widely disliked guard captain named Tholzar Brenner. They decided to relieve the unsavory captain of the axe and departed the Grande Dame to get some rest. Upon awaking and getting food in the Inn’s common room, the party overheard a caravan driver relating a tail of seeing a large frost giant wearing a dragon skull as a helmet and carrying a gigantic axe. Realizing that the description matched that of Harshnag the Grim, they questioned the man and he said that he had seen the giant a week ago on the Long Road, north of Longsaddle, headed north. The party decided to finish up their business in Yartar and then head to Mirabar with the plan to head south down the Long Road to Xantharl’s Keep. They had information that a wanted criminal, The Weevil was hiding out in Xantharl Keep and they hope to find Harshnag along the way. They set out to the seedier section of Yartar and tracked down Captain Brenner, accompanied by 8 guardsman. They approached the group and the druid quickly cast Charm person on the captain, inviting him to have a drink and catch up. At a run down tavern, the warlock gave the suspicious guardsmen gold to buy drinks and while they were distracted, the druid cast hold person on Captain Brenner, grabbed the axe, and the party ran out the door…dropping a spell of darkness on the common room to cover their escape. With the axe cleverly secured, they used the harper teleportation circle to travel to the city of Mirabar and then headed south along the Long Road. On the second day of travel, they saw a column of smoke off the road and went to investigate. They discovered a small homestead that had been attacked by giants. The homesteads occupants had been killed and a group of 4 stone giants were apparently dismantling the house and barn stone by stone. While one of them slowly tore the house apart, another arranged the stones in artful, natural piles. A large pit had been dug and the other giants were placing all of the farmer’s possessions into the pit.

XP Awarded: 150
Gold Awarded: 0
Magic Items: Great Axe of Giant Slaying

Session 25 2017-06-14
Journey to Zymorven Hall

The party journeyed from Silverymoon to Zymorven Hall to meet with Haltos Zymorven who was a retired adventurer that might be willing to part with his great axe of giant slaying. He told them that his good for nothing son stole the axe when I left to get involved with some common thief in Yartar. He suggested they look for his son there. They decided to travel back south to Everlund in order to use the Harper teleportation circle to reach Yartar. On the way they were attacked by Uthgardt Barbarians of the Grey Wolf tribe. Some of the group turned out to be werewolves and much tougher than they expected. They were able to defeat the attack, however.

XP Awarded: 540
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime: 5

Session 24 2017-06-07

The party spent some time further investigating the Margaster family. They contacted the Harpers and asked them to look in to the matter. although they mostly found the same rumors, a harper agent also witnessed items being purchased by a Margaster representative that were commonly used in Arcane rituals to summon beings from the lower planes. Deciding that sinister things were afoot, they decided to raid the carriage house and make off with the cache of items Orthovir had described. Under the cover of darkness, they stole into the Margaster compound, dispelled the Arcane Lock and made their way into the carriage house. when they opened the door to the carriage, however, an Alarm spell was tripped which summoned the guards from their upstairs quarters. Combat ensued and the guards revealed themselves to be fiendish Cambions! Meanwhile, the alarm spell had also summoned the Margaster matriarch, an accomplished wizard by the name of Xamlyn Margaster. Maela Thorn, positioned on the roof of the carriage house, began peppering her with arrows, until Xamlyn put a wall of force in between them to block her attacks. The cambions proved to be difficult to bring down, but the party managed before rushing out the face the newly arrived wizard. A cone of cold killed the two newest party members, but the wizard was ultimately defeated.

XP Awarded: 1,229
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime: 5
Magic Items: Eyes of Minute Seeing, Quaal’s Feather token (tree), Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Spell Scroll (Mass Healing Word)

Session 23 2017-05-31
Shadowtop Cathedral and Silverymoon

After Noanar Hold, the party journeyed into the High Forest to locate Shadowtop Cathedral. Lifferlas of Goldenfields had suggested they try to seek out his creator, a druid named Aerglas, and the resident Treant at Shadowtop Cathedral may know his whereabouts. Turlag had not seen Aerglas in many years, but after hearing that the party were trying to end the giant threat, he gifted them a pair of awakened trees and an awakened shrub to aid their cause. Thranna, a druid accompanying Turlag asked to accompany the party to Everlund where she was planning to visit an old ranger friend of hers. Quinn the ranger was impressed that the party would escort his friend through the wilds without payment and gifted the group with some items from his adventuring career.

From there the group sought the half orc barkeep that the lord protector of Triboar and sent them to find and deliver her message about giant incursions in her area. The barkeep served the party a special drink that teleported them into moongleam tower to meet with Krowen Valharrow, the archmage who resides in Everlund’s Moongleam tower. I high ranking member of The Harper’s, Krowen is quite concerned about the news that giants have been seen all the way into the area of Triboar. When he party describes the adamantium piece that the fire giants were searching for, he tells them that he suspects they are searching for the pieces of a giant wrought construct of destruction called the Vonindod. Built during the ancient wars against dragonkind, scraps of lore suggest the vonindod had immense destructive capabilities and could wreak havoc across the realms if it was rebuilt. He gives the party access to a secret network of teleportation circles used by the Harpers as well as small case of spell scrolls.

The party headed out on the road once more and finally arrived in Silverymoon, the jewel of the north. After acquiring rooms at a local Inn they started gathering information about the Margaster family, who Orthivir from Triboar had mentioned had a secret cache of magic items in the carriage house for emergencies. The warlock located the scouted out the Margaster’s tower within Silvermoon and got a decent read on the magical protections on the carriage house door. Other party members learned dark rumors surrounding the Margasters, rumors of people going missing and whispers of the Margasters being involved.

XP Awarded: 0
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime Days: 5
Magic Items: Weapon +1, Potion of Greater Healing, Potion of Growth, pouch of 8 silver berries that, when eaten, function as a potion of invisibility.

Session 22 2017-05-24
Noanar's Hold

Despite a dire warning from a small village child, the party traveled to the Keep of the Hunt Lords to deliver the harnesses. The druid and the ranger were unnerved by the state of the forest around the keep and the party was met by a rude, gruff dwarf at the door who instructed them to drop the cases in the entry way and leae. The party began to argue a bit when they were met by a strange, pale skinned woman in rich robes. The paladin quickly identified the woman as undead and a battle began. The party found themselves attacked by wights astride skeletal horses while the woman seemed to have disappeared. Akari, the druid, caught a glimpse of a cloud of mist moving along the ceiling and into a side room, and yelled a warning to her companions. Kriv went to investigate and was attacked by the pale skinned woman as she dropped down from the ceiling, grabbed a hold of him, and sank her fangs into his neck. Ultimately, the undead creatures proved no match for the might of the heroes and they claimed a chest of gold and magic from the foul beasts.

XP Awarded: 650
Gold Awarded: 200
Downtime Days: 5
Magic Items: Dust of Disappearance, Keoghtum’s Ointment, Saddle of the Cavalier

Session 21 2017-05-17
Calling Horns

The Inn keeper at Calling Horns told them that troll attacks in town have become much more frequent of late. She offers the party a letter of recommendation if they party would travel into the Evermoors to see if they could find out why. They agreed and headed out. A string of mysterious circumstances led up to a night time encounter with a large, misshapen creature that turned out to be an illusion created by a Faerie Dragon playing tricks on them. After talking briefly with the strange creature, he directed them towards some recent troll activity. When they investigated the next day, they discovered a Fire Giantess slapping around a troll, angry that it hadn’t found her any food. The party attacked and slew both creatures and surmised that giant incursions into the evermoors were driving the Trolls south towards Calling Horn to avoid being enslaved.

XP Awarded: 971
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime Days: 5


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