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Here you will find various campaign resources!

This is a write up of quests/follow ups that the party has received over the course of the adventure. I’ll try to keep it up to date so that things don’t get lost.
Party Quests

AL Online Tools is exactly what is says on the tin…online tools for Adventurer’s League! It has an online log sheet for tracking the same things tracked in the manual log sheets, and you can print them out to have them handy for when you go to a convention. There are also tools for organizing online D&D games (using Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds). I hear they fill up fast, but it’s a means of getting in some extra gaming if you need it!
Adventurer’s League Online Tools

Speaking of Adventurers League, here’s a link to the adventurers league website which has info and plenty of downloads of things like log sheets, character sheets, and AL guidelines.
Adventurers League

Main Page

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