Party Quests

A listing of quests that the party has picked up over time.

• Miros Zelbrin, the inn keeper of Goldenfields, mentioned that if the party finds themselves in Amphail, that they should give his regards to Arleosa Starhenge, the proprietor of the Stag-Horned Flagon. When they did so, she remembered Miros fondly and mentioned that she had known a number of adventurers in her day. She gave the party a wooden ring gifted to her by a hafling adventurer named Keltar Dardragon. Keltar told her that if she ever needed assistance, to whisper his name into the ring and he would appear. She has no idea what became of Keltar, and had never really had a need to use the ring.

• Darz Helgar, as a token of thanks for helping defend Triboar from the fire giants, passes on some information to the party. He tells them that an associate of his was recently in Xantharl’s Keep and spotted a dwarf sweeping the stables who he later recognized (from a wanted posted) as a wanted criminal known as The Weevil. There is a reward of 5000 GP for bringing The Weevil alive to Mirabar so that he can face justice for his crimes.

• Urgala Meltimer, Inn keeper at Triboar, tells the party that a former adventuring comrade of hers by the name of Harthos Zymorven, had a great-axe of Giant Slaying. He has retired now, same as she, and may be willing to part with the weapon if the party mention’s her name and their reason for needing it. She said that he retired to his family’s ancestral keep of Zymorven Hall, northwest of Silverymoon.

• Ghelrin Foehammer, the dwarven blacksmith from Triboar, writes the party a Letter of Recommendation. He says that should they find themselves in Citadel Felbarr, that they should present the letter to King Morwinn and his wife Queen Tithmel as he is well respected there.

Party Quests

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