Storm Kings Thunder

Session 22 2017-05-24

Noanar's Hold

Despite a dire warning from a small village child, the party traveled to the Keep of the Hunt Lords to deliver the harnesses. The druid and the ranger were unnerved by the state of the forest around the keep and the party was met by a rude, gruff dwarf at the door who instructed them to drop the cases in the entry way and leae. The party began to argue a bit when they were met by a strange, pale skinned woman in rich robes. The paladin quickly identified the woman as undead and a battle began. The party found themselves attacked by wights astride skeletal horses while the woman seemed to have disappeared. Akari, the druid, caught a glimpse of a cloud of mist moving along the ceiling and into a side room, and yelled a warning to her companions. Kriv went to investigate and was attacked by the pale skinned woman as she dropped down from the ceiling, grabbed a hold of him, and sank her fangs into his neck. Ultimately, the undead creatures proved no match for the might of the heroes and they claimed a chest of gold and magic from the foul beasts.

XP Awarded: 650
Gold Awarded: 200
Downtime Days: 5
Magic Items: Dust of Disappearance, Keoghtum’s Ointment, Saddle of the Cavalier



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