Storm Kings Thunder

Session 23 2017-05-31

Shadowtop Cathedral and Silverymoon

After Noanar Hold, the party journeyed into the High Forest to locate Shadowtop Cathedral. Lifferlas of Goldenfields had suggested they try to seek out his creator, a druid named Aerglas, and the resident Treant at Shadowtop Cathedral may know his whereabouts. Turlag had not seen Aerglas in many years, but after hearing that the party were trying to end the giant threat, he gifted them a pair of awakened trees and an awakened shrub to aid their cause. Thranna, a druid accompanying Turlag asked to accompany the party to Everlund where she was planning to visit an old ranger friend of hers. Quinn the ranger was impressed that the party would escort his friend through the wilds without payment and gifted the group with some items from his adventuring career.

From there the group sought the half orc barkeep that the lord protector of Triboar and sent them to find and deliver her message about giant incursions in her area. The barkeep served the party a special drink that teleported them into moongleam tower to meet with Krowen Valharrow, the archmage who resides in Everlund’s Moongleam tower. I high ranking member of The Harper’s, Krowen is quite concerned about the news that giants have been seen all the way into the area of Triboar. When he party describes the adamantium piece that the fire giants were searching for, he tells them that he suspects they are searching for the pieces of a giant wrought construct of destruction called the Vonindod. Built during the ancient wars against dragonkind, scraps of lore suggest the vonindod had immense destructive capabilities and could wreak havoc across the realms if it was rebuilt. He gives the party access to a secret network of teleportation circles used by the Harpers as well as small case of spell scrolls.

The party headed out on the road once more and finally arrived in Silverymoon, the jewel of the north. After acquiring rooms at a local Inn they started gathering information about the Margaster family, who Orthivir from Triboar had mentioned had a secret cache of magic items in the carriage house for emergencies. The warlock located the scouted out the Margaster’s tower within Silvermoon and got a decent read on the magical protections on the carriage house door. Other party members learned dark rumors surrounding the Margasters, rumors of people going missing and whispers of the Margasters being involved.

XP Awarded: 0
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime Days: 5
Magic Items: Weapon +1, Potion of Greater Healing, Potion of Growth, pouch of 8 silver berries that, when eaten, function as a potion of invisibility.



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