Storm Kings Thunder

Session 25 2017-06-14

Journey to Zymorven Hall

The party journeyed from Silverymoon to Zymorven Hall to meet with Haltos Zymorven who was a retired adventurer that might be willing to part with his great axe of giant slaying. He told them that his good for nothing son stole the axe when I left to get involved with some common thief in Yartar. He suggested they look for his son there. They decided to travel back south to Everlund in order to use the Harper teleportation circle to reach Yartar. On the way they were attacked by Uthgardt Barbarians of the Grey Wolf tribe. Some of the group turned out to be werewolves and much tougher than they expected. They were able to defeat the attack, however.

XP Awarded: 540
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime: 5



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