Storm Kings Thunder

Session 26 2017-06-21

One Night in Yartar

After arriving in Yartar, the party began searching for Harthal Zymorven. The soon learned that their best bet was to make contact with the local all female thieves guild, the Hand of Yartar to find him. They bribed a server at the Wink and Kiss tavern and were directed to a pair of women at a table in the corner. After negotiating with them and presenting their letter of recommendation from Tamalin Zoar of Calling Horns, they agreed to locate Harthal for them. She told them to meet her later that evening on the Grande Dame, a lavish riverboat casino. Dressed in their finest, the party boarded the ship and spent the evening dining and playing at the gaming tables before meeting with the Hand of Yartar contact. She told them that Harthal was in prison for murdering someone, and that his axe had fallen into the hands of a corrupt, and widely disliked guard captain named Tholzar Brenner. They decided to relieve the unsavory captain of the axe and departed the Grande Dame to get some rest. Upon awaking and getting food in the Inn’s common room, the party overheard a caravan driver relating a tail of seeing a large frost giant wearing a dragon skull as a helmet and carrying a gigantic axe. Realizing that the description matched that of Harshnag the Grim, they questioned the man and he said that he had seen the giant a week ago on the Long Road, north of Longsaddle, headed north. The party decided to finish up their business in Yartar and then head to Mirabar with the plan to head south down the Long Road to Xantharl’s Keep. They had information that a wanted criminal, The Weevil was hiding out in Xantharl Keep and they hope to find Harshnag along the way. They set out to the seedier section of Yartar and tracked down Captain Brenner, accompanied by 8 guardsman. They approached the group and the druid quickly cast Charm person on the captain, inviting him to have a drink and catch up. At a run down tavern, the warlock gave the suspicious guardsmen gold to buy drinks and while they were distracted, the druid cast hold person on Captain Brenner, grabbed the axe, and the party ran out the door…dropping a spell of darkness on the common room to cover their escape. With the axe cleverly secured, they used the harper teleportation circle to travel to the city of Mirabar and then headed south along the Long Road. On the second day of travel, they saw a column of smoke off the road and went to investigate. They discovered a small homestead that had been attacked by giants. The homesteads occupants had been killed and a group of 4 stone giants were apparently dismantling the house and barn stone by stone. While one of them slowly tore the house apart, another arranged the stones in artful, natural piles. A large pit had been dug and the other giants were placing all of the farmer’s possessions into the pit.

XP Awarded: 150
Gold Awarded: 0
Magic Items: Great Axe of Giant Slaying



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