Storm Kings Thunder

Session 29 2017-7-19

Journey into the Spine of the World

After securing additional supplies at Mirabar, the party met with Harshnag and began the arduous journey into the Spine of the World mountains to the Temple of the All Father. As the climbed higher into the mountainous terrain, the weather became colder and colder. Harshnag strode unconcerned through the snow and Carlin, protected by her ring, was equally unaffected. The rest of the group huddled into their furs, or in the case of Akari’s tressym, buried itself into the furs of others, despite it’s nifty new sweater. On the second day, the weather turned ominous and the mountainsides started being battered by a full blizzard. The party desperately began searching for shelter from the fury of the storm, eventually locating a cave. They quickly learned that the cave was already occupied by a pair of huge, white furred bears and their cubs. The bears moved to defend their cubs and den, but the ranger and druid, with some help from the warlock’s psuedodragon, managed to calm the beasts and impart that they weren’t a threat. After waiting out the storm in the bear den, they journeyed on. Harshnag led them into a ravine passage through the mountains where they were ambushed by a party of goblins who threw enchanted icicles at them. they were also in league with a pair of gargoyles who breathed clouds of sand down on them, stinging their eyes. They managed to beat back the attackers despite the disadvantage of being in the ravine but as the last gargoyle creature was dying, it’s eyes suddenly flashed a glowing blue and a voice issued from it’s throat that definitely didn’t belong to the creature, proclaiming in loud, gravelly tones “I see you puny ones! We shall meet soon and all your plans will be for NAUGHT!”

Shaken but undettered, the party continued on through the ravine, eventually emerging on a the edge of a sheer cliff with a natural stone bridge leading a giant sized edifice on the other side. they had reached the Temple of the All Father.

XP Awarded: 500
Gold Awarded: 0
Downtime Days: 5



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