Storm Kings Thunder

Session 30 2017-7-26

Temple of the All Father

The party spotted a small campfire near the entrance of the temple so Akari, in the form of a small mouse, scampered down across the stone bridge to scout. She saw what appeared to be a pair of Uthgardt barbarians huddled around a campfire while a small white dragon snoozed nearby. After reporting this, the rest of the party decided to confront them directly and marched across the snow covered bridge. They were quickly spotted and the barbarians sent the dragon further into the temple while taking up positions in front of the entrance. Once the group closed close enough to speak, the barbarians told them to leave or die. Expectedly, this offer didn’t go down well and a fight errupted. the two barbarians didn’t fare too well and the party headed into the large tunnel that opened into the side of the mountain. Part way in, they heard the dragon screech…which turned out to be a signal as large stone blocks began to fall from the ceiling, closing off the tunnel in two places and seperating the party. Most of the group ran forward, deeper into the tunnel, but Klark ended up trapped between the blocks with Harshnag while Carlin ended up outside all together, having run backward. The ones in front took a minute while the warlock summoned a fire elemental then marched forward towards some pinpricks of torch lights in the distance. They soon discovered a group of Uthgardt barbarians that appeared to be trying to force open a massive, giant sized door at the end of the tunnel. A larger, more richly dressed barbarian declared that he was the chief of the Great Worm tribe and ordered his warriors to attack. The fight was brutal, but ultimately the party won out. Meanwhile, their dwarven companion found the mechanisms that lifted the stone blocks and now the party has assembled before the massive inner doors of the Temple of the All Father….within which, according to legend, resides the oracle known as the Eye of Annam.

XP Awarded: 675
Gold Awarded: 133 GP 3 SP
Magic Items awarded: Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location



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